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Hokkaido Mountain Guide Association has fluent guides to foreign languages.
We welcome various customers from abroad and we are doing reliable guide with firm communication as a qualified person.
Some offices are also multilingual URLs, and our personal profiles are also being in multiple languages. (Work in progress) We will try to make more simple and easy to understanding information for everyone from now on.
We are waiting for your access and contact!

Ability to use each possible languages :
(F) = Fluent
(C) = Conversational Level

◆ About UIMLA/JMGA International Mountain Leader【IML】 ◆
An International Mountain Leader (IML) is a guide that has been trained and assessed against the challenging requirements of UIMLA (Union of International Mountain Leader Associations). In Japan, Japan Mountain Guide Association (JMGA) is the only organization which can provide IML certifications to JMGA qualified guides.

A qualified IML guide can lead groups in different mountains in UIMLA membered countries. IMLs can work with groups on high altitude treks as well as lead groups on snowshoes in mountains where the skills and equipment of alpinism are not required. Also, in domestic level, Japanese IMLs can guide groups according to the criteria of their own JMGA guiding qualifications such as mountaineering guiding, ski guiding etc.

IML is an internationally recognized and professional qualification.

【IML】=UIMLA/JMGA認定 国際マウンテンリーダー (IML)


(C)=Conversational Level:ガイド現場の会話・解説等、コミュニケーションに問題がないレベル。
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